Sulphur Cap 2020
Conference, Awards
and Exhibition 17-18 April 2018, Amsterdam

Sulphur Cap 2020 <br />Conference, Awards<br />and Exhibition

Conference Programme


07.30 Registration, coffee and networking

08.50 Welcome address from Riviera Maritime Media
Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media

09.00 Platinum sponsor welcome address
John Shock, Segment Manager - Cruise and Ferry, Caterpillar


09.10 Keynote presentation: Why the sulphur cap is important - Economic and environmental considerations

  • Enforcement - The way to cleaner shipping and a fair business
  • What is being done on an IMO and an EU- level?
  • Measuring accurately by using the Energy Efficiency Operational Indicator (EEOI) and CO2 Emission Index (CO2EI)
  • Meeting MRV regulations
  • The latest in emission control areas (ECA) regulations
  • Looking beyond 2020 regulations

Professor Ralf Zimmermann, Full Professor of Analytical Chemistry, Institute of Chemistry, University of Rostock

09.30 Q&A

09.40 An independent view on SOx enforcement

  • The need for a wholistic approach to the enforcement of all emission regulations
  • A review of the different methods of SOx enforcement and their limitations
  • Some practical problems facing port states in achieving effective enforcement
  • A discussion of possible solutions

James Hogg, Board Member, EMISA

10.00 Q&A


10.10 Port infrastructure requirements – Supplying compliant fuels effectively

  • Role of ports/port authorities
  • Bunker infrastructure in ports and bunker suppliers
  • Possible future developments in ports

Henri van der Weide, Policy Advisor, Harbour Master Division, Port of Amsterdam

10.30 Q&A

10.40 Networking coffee break sponsored by Vimex

11.20 EU refiners: 2020 Marine Fuels supply

  • Global 0.50% Sulphur Cap: Observations and stakes for EU refiners
  • Liquid fuels for transport: EU demand evolution and future trends
  • Concawe LP modelling study: Our tool and hypothesis
  • Operating constraints and limitation for refiners
  • Marginal supply of marine fuels and market potential impact
  • Marine fuels quality and quantity 
  • CO2 emissions for refiners
  • Sensitivity cases on crude slate, middle distillate imports and gasoline/HSFO exports

Damien Valdenaire, Science Executive, Refining, Concawe

11.40 Q&A


11.50 Developments to meet emissions and efficiency regulations 
The increasingly demanding regulatory environment will require new technology and complexity.  Future vessel designs will require integration of intelligent propulsion system designs and technology to meet the demands for efficiency and emissions reduction.  And operations will require increased use of automation to achieve and maintain compliant operations and to provide compliance documentation. 

  • IMO III – Engine / SCR integration 
  • LNG / Dual Fuel Engine Developments to expanded applications 
  • Propulsion – Engine Integration 
  • Propulsion Systems Innovations and Power Management 
  • Digital Analytical Systems

John Shock, Segment Manager - Cruise and Ferry, Caterpillar 

12.05 Q&A

12.10 LPG fueled merchant ships - now a real possibility
René Sejer Laursen, Promotion Manager, MAN Diesel & Turbo

12.25 Q&A

12.30 How Kongsberg meets new emission requirements with engine room simulation

  • Simulation of Selective Catalytic Reduction system
  • Simulation of Dual Fuel Engine plants 
  • Simulation of LNG fuel-handling and bunkering. (International Code of Safety for Ships using Gases or other Low-flashpoint Fuels, IGF Code)
  • Simulation of the use of low sulphur fuel and scrubber
  • Simulation of change over from HFO to MDO

Leif Pentti Halvorsen, Product Manager Maritime Simulation, Kongsberg Digital

12.45 Q&A    

12.50 Networking lunch sponsored by VPS


14.00 Panel discussion: Preparing for 2020 – challenges and opportunities

  • Dealing with technical and legal challenges
  • Identifying commercial and environmental pitfalls
  • Making the transition to a post 2020 world
  • Balancing regulation requirements and operating costs
  • Choosing the option that is right for you: Low sulphur versus scrubber

Panellists include:
Daniel Evans, Senior Fleet Technical Superintendent, AW Ship Management
David Cox, Technical Manager, Reederei Nord
Nick Lurkin, Environmental Affairs, Royal Association of Netherlands Shipowners

14.20 Q&A


14.40 The latest in compliant fuels 
Kaisa Honkanen, Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing, Blue Ocean Solutions 
Paul Millar, Head of Global Credit, Bomin
Iain White, Global Field Engineering Manager, ExxonMobil Aviation and Marine Lubricants
Jérôme Leprince Ringuet, Strategy - Global Cap Implementation Director, Total Marine Fuels Global Solutions

15.20 Q&A

15.40 Networking coffee break sponsored by Vimex

16.20 The latest in compliant lubricants
Iain White, Global Field Engineering Manager, ExxonMobil Aviation and Marine Lubricants
Dr Marco Corradi, Portfolio Manager - Marine Lubricants, Infineum Singapore
Kenny Park, Technical & Marketing Manager, LUKOIL Marine Lubricants
John Schakel, Global Product Application Specialist, Marine and Power, Shell
Serge Dal Farra, Global Marketing Manager, Total Lubmarine
Paul Parkinson, Group OCM Business Development Leader, VPS

17.20 Q&A

17.40 LPG as a marine fuel
Hendrik Brinks, Principal Researcher - Maritime Transport Performance and Fuels, DNV GL

17.55 Q&A

18.00 Closing remarks, followed by drinks reception sponsored by Total Lubmarine
Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media

19.30 Marine Propulsion Awards, sponsored by DNV GL, International Paint, OSISoft, Total Lubmarine and VPS, and Gala Dinner sponsored by Ecospray

21.00 End of day one


07.30 Registration, coffee and networking

08.50 Welcome address from Riviera Maritime Media

09.00 Opening keynote address
Don Gregory, Director, EGCSA & Technical Director, Gulf Oil Marine

09.20 Q&A


Session Chair: Don Gregory, Director, EGCSA & Technical Director, Gulf Oil Marine

09.30 Scrubber technology and why it is a viable option 
Nicholas Confuorto, President and COO, CR Ocean Engineering
Alberto Di Cecio, Marine Operations Manager, Ecospray Technologies
Laura Langh-Lagerlof, Managing Director, Langh Ship
Nils Homburg, VP Exhaust Gas Systems, SAACKE
Kai Latun, Vice President - Sales & Marketing, Yara Marine Technologies

10.20 Q&A

10.40 Networking coffee break sponsored by Lloyd's Register

11.20 Scrubbers for existing vessels – Retrofit solutions
Panellists include:
Piotr Zabrocki, Sales Manager, Baltec Marine - Trident Maritime Systems
Alexandru Gherca, Vice President of Operations, IDC Consorzio
Mark Nijhoff, Senior Specialist Engineering Systems, Rotterdam Technical Support Office, Lloyd's Register

12.05 Q&A

12.20 Fast installation concept for scrubbers

  • Introduction - The challenge(s) of retrofitting
  • Description of the fast installation concept
  • Benefits for the ship owner

Aslak Suopanki, Manager, Environmental, Wärtsilä Services

12.35 Q&A

12.40 Waste wash water from scrubbers
Stephanie Lavelle, Maritime Manager, Chelsea Technologies Group

12.55 Q&A

13.00 Networking lunch


14.00 Managing hull performance for operational efficiencies

  • The latest in anticorrosive and fire protection, fouling control technologies and aesthetic solutions for on and offshore
  • How to best combat age-old slime
  • Developing coatings that recognise the differing preferences and operational requirements of ship owners and operators
  • How ship owners and operators can benefit from more sustainable hull coatings
  • The Gold Standard Foundation - The first approved carbon credit methodology in the marine industry
  • Introducing the only approved carbon-credit generating methodology for moving articles (i.e. ships) which are not geographically bound (all other projects have strict territorial boundaries)

Dr Richard Towns, Global Marketing Manager, AkzoNobel

14.20 Q&A

14.30 How Maersk, Virgin Voyages & Viking Line are utilising heat power technologies

  • Turn waste heat into value
  • Save fuel
  • Decrease CO2 emissions

Zvonko Ikic, Head of Sales Maritime - Container, Climeon

14.50 Q&A

15.00 Data Driven Decision making regarding Sulphur compliance 
  •  How to use Big Data for management decisions on compliance options
  • Collecting data on operational profile of ships
  • Calculating options and scenario’s
  • Use case: Bontrup Shipping – Amsterdam
Dan Veen, Co-founder and CEO, We4Sea
15.20 Q&A
15.30 Closing remarks from conference chairman
Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media
15.40 End of conference

*Programme subject to amendments/change

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